Virus Total Now Integrate With Firefox

VirusTotal now come with new innovation. VirusTotal is a service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs enabling the identification of viruses, worms, trojans and other kinds of malicious content detected by antivirus engines and web analysis toolbars. You can refer to my previous article about

Now VirusTotal come with Mozilla Firefox addon, so called VTZilla. VTzilla is a Mozilla Firefox browser plugin that simplifies the process of scanning Internet resources with VirusTotal. With VTZilla it allowed you to check your downloaded files before it store on your harddrive. And also it allow you to check URLs too.’

VirusTotal will scan your uploaded files or urls with various Antivirus engines, and show you the report. The system which developed by Hispasec Sistemas, is one of the great online tools that keep me safe from malware.

With VTZilla, now checking files or urls will lot easier. Now you can keep safe and secure from trojans, worms and even a phishing websites. Install the addon and scan before you download anything.

Download VTZilla Mozilla Firefox Addon


  1. old phone says:

    Well, I have never heard of this service but will definitely check it out.

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