WordCamp Jakarta 2017 Short Story

On November 4th, 2017 We have WordCamp Jakarta 2017. And I am the lead organizer in this WordCamp. The event was a great success and I can say this is the largest WordCamp ( so far ) ever happen in Indonesia. And I would like to share some of my experiences to You all. The Preparation I applied to Become an Organizer for WordCamp in May 2017. And after got accepted and I had first interview and preparation. On June 1st, 2017 the WordCamp Jakarta 2017 was officially accepted and ready … Read more...

Speaking at WordCamp Ubud 2017

11 months and 1 week ago

This week I’m going to speak at WordCamp Ubud 2017 about ElasticPress.

WordPress Local Development Using VVV

I gave a talk about VVV Introduction, what's new in VVV 2 and why it's good for WordPress local development, on Jakarta WordPress Meetup #9 a while ago. You can get the presentation below: https://www.slideshare.net/ivankristiantocom/jakarta-wordpress-meetup-9-introducing-vvv-2 … Read more...

WordPress 4.2.1 Security Release

2 years and 10 months ago

WordPress release security release in 4.2.1. Update your WordPress now! WordPress 4.2.1 Security Release

WordPress Development FAQ

With more than 5 years of WordPress development experiences. I decided to create this summary of most frequently asking question (FAQ) while developing a WordPress themes or WordPress plugins. And this post will continuously updated, so you may need to bookmarked it :) White blank page (White screen of death) This is one of the annoying issue in WordPress. It is just a white blank page. No errors, No warning. I found this issue couple times during my WordPress development. And i wrote it in … Read more...

Optimize WordPress Blog

In order to have fast response WordPress based website you need to optimize it. By optimized the resources your website is not just fast but also effective to handle large traffic from your visitors. Previously i did write guide to improve your website performance, so if you feel adventurous to do it in technical way, please read and follow it. Usually we do optimizing the WordPress website for our clients after we deploy it to live. We decrease the load time significantly by just doing some … Read more...

Create Embed URL in WordPress

Today i would like to share to you about WordPress embed url. Some of you may not know this feature. Since WordPress 2.9, we can add videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. with just paste the URL into the content editor. And WordPress will automatically convert them into Video player. No shortcode and no programming skill needed. For example, the YouTube video below, i will paste the url as follows: And it will look like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3P-m2cBCJSk There … Read more...

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