Transfer Your Files Wirelessly Between Your Android and Computer

Transfer files between computer between mobile Android phone now doesn’t need any cable. And also I’m not saying that you are going to use Bluetooth, since Bluetooth file transfer is very slow. But I’m going to share how to transfer it using Wireless 2,4 Ghz or you may say Wi-Fi technology. Transfer file using Wi-Fi is relatively easy and I’m about to show you how to do it.

To transfer your file using Wi-Fi you need to make your mobile phone as a FTP server. You can install FTP server for Android for free, here is the app that i used over the year: Android FTP Server.

After you install that app on you mobile phone, you may need to configure the ftp port, username and password. And after that you just need to connect to your wireless access point and turn on the FTP server. Now you are ready to connect it from your desktop using FileZilla client. You can download it here.

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