[TIPS] Move My Document Folder In Windows XP

Some expert suggest that windows xp logoonce a year you need to reinstall your Windows XP to keep your Windows XP performance. But a normal or a beginner computer user often save their files on my document folder since my document folder is default folder. Mozilla Firefox default download folder also in MyDocument folder. And many application use MyDocument as default folder.

So what happen if Windows XP break malfunction probably because of virus? Then your Windows XP need to reinstall, and unfortunately if you reformat the C: drive (default drive for Windows Installation) then all your data in MyDocument folder will be lost too.

So what would you do as technician to prevent this when you reinstall Windows XP for your client? You can move MyDocument folder to another drive. Yes you can do it! Here i will show you how:
1. Right click at the My Document Folder
2. Click properties, then click location tab
3. Click Move button, and choose where you want to relocate your My Document folder. I suggest to move to another drive like D: drive
4. Click Apply button
5. Wait until it finished copy, and done

Now don’t afraid to store your data in MyDocument folder and if something happen and need to reinstall, your My Document folder won’t be lost.

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