Rescue Your System With Hirens BootCD

What would you do if your system crash? You must be panic and stress, since many of your important files are on the harddrive, but you cannot access it because your system is crash and won’t boot up. I felt this case very often. I fixed many my friend’s pc because of viruses break the system.

Most of the case the system crash because of virus, system files deleted, harddrive broken probably because mispartition or unstable electricity. You can fix this with Hirens BootCD.

Hiren’s Boot CD is a boot CD  containing various  diagnostic programs such as partitioning agents, system performance benchmarks, disk cloning and imaging tools, data recovery tools, MBR tools, BIOS tools, and many others for fixing various computer problems.

You can see the list of the CD here.


  1. Rahul Lokhandes says:

    it's bogus blog

  2. MONDO says:

    Hello , I am trying to recover password on a laptop,
    i turn it on and the first thing that appears is in blue center, asks enter password.
    I downloaded the herins boot cd and it seems to be trying to read and nothing happens , it gives up .
    i need help!


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