Repair Missing Icon In Windows 7

Not a while ago i upgrade my OS to Windows 7 64 bit. Why using 64bit version? Because i upgraded my notebook memory to 4GB. And 32 bit OS version cannot use 4GB of memory effectively. And as soon as i upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit, it went smoothly and fast. But i got a strange error, there are some missing icons. For example Skype icon and Mozilla Thunderbird icon.

See the image below:

I tried to reinstall skype and thunderbird but still the icon not showing. To fix this you need to clear Windows 7 icon cache. Follow the steps below to repair missing icon in Windows 7:

  1. Kill explorer.exe: Open task manager (Ctrl + ALT + Del then choose start Task manager), find explorer.exe then press end process.
  2. Run command prompt: press Windows + R then type cmd
  3. Go to C:UsersAppDataLocal:
    cd C:Users<your username>AppDataLocal
  4. Delete IconCache.db:
    del IconCache.db
  5. Start Explorer.exe: press Windows + R then type explorer.exe
  6. Voila! Now the Skype and Thunderbird icon are back.

I hope that this article could help you. Thanks and please come back again.

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