[HowTo] Show Hidden Files in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Since Windows Vista, Windows have change the location of the Folder Options. Yes, i admit it, it confuse me once. Most of the times i use Ubuntu on my machine. And sometimes i use Windows Vista.

So 2 days ago, i have to print a photo from a flash disk, but that flashdisk have been infected by some kind of virus, i don’t know what the virus name is. But it hidden all .jpg files. And i have to print the photos using my Windows 7. And i have to print it quickly. But i couldn’t since i cannot see the files. I keep looking for folder option but it weren’t there like in Windows XP. And i have to Google it to find where the Folder Options is. Arghh….

To show hidden files in Windows Vista or Windows 7 follow this steps:

  1. Press Windows > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Option
  2. In Folder Option windows, press show Tab
  3. Select radio button Show hidden files and folders
  4. Press Apply and Okay.

This post is more like a reminder for me because of stupid thing i did. But if you found the similar case and you come to this article, i hope this can help you too 🙂

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