Home Energy Controller tablet from Cisco

We live in times when we need to save energy and care about our environment. Simplest way to save energy is to turn off certain device if you’re not using it but not many people do that. In order to start saving energy maybe people should be aware how much power does certain devices consume. If you want to keep track of the power consummation of your appliances, maybe Home Energy Controller tablet from Cisco can help you out.

Unlike other tablets that we see on the market, Home Energy Controller tablet from Cisco is used for something more than just surfing and multimedia. Although it comes with standard features like other tablets on the market , Home Energy Controller provides so much more to the users. This tablet is the first tablet on the market that will allow you to see how much power you are consuming with each device in your house. Of course, this tablet will be able to show you how much money are you spending in order to cover power expenses.

Home Energy Controller is a 7-inch countertop tablet that comes with 800 x 480 capacitive touch screen display. This tablet uses Intel Atom 1.1GHz processor that will handle all of your requests with ease and as for operating system, this device is using Ubuntu Linux. Interesting thing is how Home Energy Controller manages power consummation. You see, this tablet connects to the other appliances that you have around the house with three protocols such as:

ZigBee that is used for smart appliances, Wi-Fi that is used for home networks and PLC and ERT that are used for communication with utilities. That way you can easily adjust temperature in a single room with just a few touches. Of course, you can make certain rules that will automatically change the power usage depending on the time of the day.

Home Energy Controller tablet from Cisco is an amazing device that will surely help you save both your energy and money but if you want to use it you’ll have to pay $900 per single installation of this tablet.

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