Google+ Review and Facebook Comparison

Google+ (read: Google plus) is one of the Google product for social networking. Google+ was launched in June 28, 2011 and as i am writing this article, this service is not available for public yet, only the invited user could join Google+. And i got lucky to received the invitation from my friends. Google+ use many of Google existing technologies. For example: Google chat, Google voice, Google Buzz, Google Profile, Picasa, Youtube, Google map, and others. Beside connecting all dots, Google+ also add some new features such as Circles, Huddles, Sparks, and Hangouts (See it in nice video presentation at Google+ official).

Google+ Layout

Google+ have a nice and clean layout, even some says it is like Facebook including me. They are look similar, both have left sidebar and right sidebar with news and streaming feed the center. If Facebook have its river tehcnique (Ajax technology which is extend if you scroll down), Google+ need to click the more button (same technology in Google image search). But I like Google+ layout more, since it clean and fast.

Google+ Performance

I am a performance addict, so the first impression when i tried Google+, it is fast! And as i compare it to Facebook, Google+ is faster than Facebook. I still haven’t dig the technology built on Google+ yet. I think they use use caching system like Google Gear (this is just my personal opinion, but i’m sure they use caching system).

Single Sign On

There’s nothing new with this one. Google+ also use the Google single sign on feature. If you sign in with Google Account, you can access your Google+ at once. I’m using Google in everyday of my life, especially Gmail and Google Search engine. So when i open my GMail, i can see the top black bar that have Google+ notification. And i always open my GMail when i get online. And to access Facebook i have to do login again.

Google+ Security and Privacy

As Google+ use Google account to sign in, i’m sure that it is secured. But you need to pay attention and keep yourself secure when typing in your account credentials. And for Privacy, you can easily set it in Google+ setting in Profile and Privacy section. You can choose weather to put your profile to public or private, your visibility and many more.

Hangout features

This is the most like feature from Google+ at least by me. It is a video conference system which you can ask your friends (circles) to join the conference with you. And all of you can see each other, talk, chat and watch the Youtube video together. I tried this feature with other 2 friend and the performance is great. No lag and clean, and i got clear voice as well. This hangout feature is built on Google voice tech, so you need to install Google voice on your machine.

Watch the Google+ hangouts video:
[youtube width=”520″ height=”300″]Tku1vJeuzH4[/youtube]

Less Ads and SPAM

I HATE SPAM! That’s what i found on my Facebook wall everyday. Now Facebook is free ads spam social networking, and it is so annoying. I wish Google+ team will keep and eye for spamming to keep the quality of their services.

There are a lot of features that’s not covered yet in this article, you have to try it by yourself. And i haven’t try Google+ from Android or iPhone app yet, i will review it as soon as i got one, he3x… Some says it is like Facebook, and i said IT IS NOT! So how about you?

Note: If you do have Google+ account, please add me to your circle so we can share the experience together. Thanks.


  1. how to windows says:

    When I first heard about Google Plus it seemed to be another attempt at stealing Facebook’s success, but i have to say that it seems pretty innovative! Watch out Mark Zuckerberg!

  2. friendshipquotes08 says:

    I like Google+ layout more, since it clean and fast. i always open my GMail when i get online. And to access Facebook i have to do login again.I am glad to see this article Thanks for posting such type of article.

  3. @friendshipquotes08 Couldn’t agree more.

  4. i.ahmed says:

    Google do not distribute cached content. Facebook does not have any where near the number of data centres Google has nor could they match by power. Yes the layout is pretty similar, but I don't think that can be helped. I think when users get used to one way of displaying content, it becomes the norm. But believe me, the first month of Google+ launch, there were cosmetic features that weren't in Facebook but were a further month after. Clone wars. It's like the same theme, different CSS.

    I'm a fan of Google and I love what they're doing with Google+, but there's just no privacy. On Facebook, I have hidden my friends list – I don't want others to know who I'm talking to or who I've added to my circle, nor do I want to publicly display who's added me to their circles. I'm a fan of Facebook too. Yes Google+ has so many users in such a short time, but how many of my friends are on their? 3. And damn, I wouldn't even call them associates. So far, only tech savy users seem to be on their, and those who say they know people who aren't tech savy and have Google+ profiles are too naive to see undercover tech savy people.

    Facebook is bloatware. Lovely and feature packed. Never played a game on there. There's no link to go to your list of Pages on the main site – why? Because there's no unified development at Facebook. Yes you have your teams/departments working on sections, but you still have to communicate with each other if you're making a change in navigation, no?

    Facebook cloned Google with their perfect 2 step verification and suck at it. If you authorise a new computer using text message with login approvals, add your browser as a 'recognised device', when you clear your cache, you can no longer log in. You have to access Facebook from another machine and remove that recognised device. Yes minor oversight you might think? No. Facebook aren't stupid. Their developers are well fed and clothed, there's just NO LONGER ANY COLLABORATION.

    Nonetheless, If these 2 giants would squeeze each others ass and kiss on the cheek, imagine how good social networking could be, if they took each others features? Minus the dreadful games (I was saddened to learn people lost their jobs over Farmville and that is has a f***ing Wiki article).

    Meanwhile, we're all oblivious to see how these giants use our data for marketing and other such probing methods 😛 – they are the real aliens

  5. Charlotte74 says:

    Maybe it's time for me to check out Google +, I've been kida sitting on the fence ovr this one.

  6. LauLau81 says:

    Well for me, I still like facebook because most of my friends and families have an account…

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