Enhance the Video Quality of Your Iphone 3GS

Maybe you are little disappointed with Iphone 3GS inability of producing High-Definition video format. Unlike the iPhone 4 series with its HD video recording ability, 3GS doesn’t even match that ability. However, you actually can make the 640×480 pixel resolution video into HD quality by following simple instructions below.

Of course you can have HD video quality with your 3GS if you upgrade your phone, but if you think that upgrading is not necessary to do right now, these simple steps given in here can be a valuable way out to improve your Iphone 3GS video ability. First off, you will have to jailbroken your phone although you must notice that this jailbreaking step may void your warranty.

Afterward, this mobile OS will be treated differently depend on your PC operating system, the Mac user and Windows user will have different setting. If you use Mac, you will need to download Cyberduck application, whereas Windows users must download WinSCP application.

These two applications are easy to get only by taking little time and search them throughout the internet. The next step demands you to configure the settings of Cyberduck and Winscip right after you are finish downloading them. The setting of each application in your PC will be regarding the server.

For Mac, the IP address for your Iphone 3GS can be set up through Settings > Wi-Fi > your network name. Enter the username space with “root” (without the quote marks), password with your SSH password which is the default password is “alpine” and the protocol is “SFTP”. Meanwhile, WinSCP setting needs you to direct to Setting > Wi-Fi > Your network name. The username is “root”, the password should be filled with “alpine”, and the protocol is “SCP”.

Furthermore, download the HDVideo3GS-rev3.zip file into your computer. Another option if you don’t have OpenSSH jailbreak application is by using Cydia application. When everything is done, connect your Iphone 3GS to your PC but before you connect it, make sure that iTunes is not running on the system. After connection established, copy the three files from HDVideo3GS-rev3.zip.

The files include AVCapture.plist, CameraRollValidator.plist and MediaValidator.plist. Copy those file with Cyberduck or WinSCP to the particular directory shown as follows: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework/N88/ . To finalize, the mobile OS should be rebooted so the process will be complete

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