Customize Your Windows XP Installer

If you are a Windows XP user, have you ever think that when you reinstalling your Windows XP, you don’t need some of that programs or components? And more, you want to automatically install the latest hotfixes from Windows update. And more, you want to included you notebook or pc drivers automatically, so you don’t need to install it one by one again. So everytime your Windows crash, just reinstall it instantly.

Fortunately you can do that by using nLiteos. nLite is a tool for pre-installation Windows configuration and component removal at your choice. Optional bootable image ready for burning on media or testing in virtual machines. With nLite you will be able to have Windows installation which on install does not include, or even contain on media, the unwanted components. nLite also supports Windows 2000, XP x86/x64 and 2003 x86/x64 in all languages.

How to customize Windows XP installer

  1. Download and install nLite
  2. Put your Windows XP cd.
  3. Browse it from nLite. It took a while to copy all the data.
  4. Then in next windows would give you many options. Read the manual about it here.
  5. For include all my notebook driver i will choose Drivers
  6. Then choose Create Bootable ISO.
  7. Then Make ISO on the next window.
  8. Burn your ISO to the CD and ready to install.

Download nLite.

PS: Sometimes you need to include newest SATA driver so the XP installation can detect SATA drive. You can download it from youe Manufacture website. Or this SATA driver might be works for you.

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