Backup Your Website Files To HotFile

Wise man said “Backup early, backup regularly!”, you don’t know when disaster come. Start from being hacked, data lost, account being suspended by your host provider and many more. Your visitor and your data is the most crucial thing. You need to keep your visitor and you have to keep your data save. And you have to backup regularly.

There are many tools to backup your website and many online backup service start from free (but limited) and paid service (like Amazon S3). I couldn’t afford to buy paid service like Amazon S3 to backup my files (this blog for example). And i don’t have a decent bandwidth to download it to my computer. And it is too large to send it to my email.

Then i have come with another solution. How about if i upload my backup to HotFile? For those who don’t know HotFile, HotFile is one of the largest File sharing service on the internet. It is free to make an account and upload your file, but you have to pay when you download it, but it also have the free download service with limited speed. Anyway, the premium account on HotFile is not as expensive as the other backup service like Amazon S3. And the most important thing, HotFile have a very very large data center. And it is safe there unless you publish your download link. So if you have download your data, you can delete it from HotFile control panel.

Here the steps to Backup your website files to HotFile:

  1. Create a new account on
  2. Download this script at the end of this post.
  3. Configure the script (please see the inline comment), and name it for example
  4. Upload the script into your host, i suggest to put it under your home folder (not under public_html so it cannot accessible by your visitors), say it for example under directory /home/[your_username]/backup/
  5. Open your Cpanel and under Cron add this script:
    here is the command example to add in the cron:
    /bin/sh /home/[your_username]/backup/
    PS: this maybe different to your host provider
  6. Run it Weekly or Monthly with Cron. (Minimum once a day, unless it won’t upload, more than once a day is not recommended)

Then now you just manage your file under HotFile dashboard. You can move it, delete it or download it. If you like this script or you have any question please leave the comment below.

PS: Please be cautious, since this script will backup all databases that accessible from mysql account given, and will backup all the files under the folder you provide, if you have a very large files and mysql data, it will take a high cpu load. And please confirm about cpu load term of service with your hosting provider. RUN THIS SCRIPT WITH YOUR OWN RISK!

Download the script


  1. Hi,

    Seems like a good idea, but the files are deleted after a period of inactivity.


  2. Jose Bee says:

    This is great worked really well except the file size was too big for hotfile (2gb max). could you maybe do an edit to include the | split command. I've tried but failed miserably!



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