Apple iPad, Does It Fit For You?

iPad release on April 3, 2010 and the iPad with 3G support will be released on late April this year. iPad is a table computer developed by Apple. In another words iPad is like a larger version of iPod touch or iPhone. It is using iPhone OS with multi touch LCD screen.  With the 16GB of storage (even in fact says that only 13-14GB effective storage), an iPad is enough storage to store your images and videos. But to access your file on iPad you need iTunes or third party software, you cannot access your file directly to the file system. An iPad is designed to access your email, web, online/offline videos, and images on mobile with wireless and 3G connectivity.

With the virtual on-screen keyboard you can type your email or text easily and more convenient (not like iPhone virtual on-screen keyboard), so you can reply your email anywhere conveniently. The weight of the iPad is 680-730 gr, less then 1 kg, so it is very light to bring it with your small bag everywhere.

And another interesting feature that iPad have kindle application. So you can download ebook from Amazon and read it on iPad just like using a kindle. But iPad doesn’t have PDF viewer installed, you need to install third party software from iTunes store and installed it on iPad to read pdf  format. Apple says that you can install iPhone apps on iPad, but you cannot do other way.

So does iPad fit for you?


  1. ya ipad has some drawbacks..we need to install lots of basic apps like pdf reader..but I'm quite happy with it in the sense of portability, ease of use while travelling/on flights, browsing net, sorting e-mails, watching videos, playing apps, listening to music etc..

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