Holiday is coming…

2 months and 3 weeks ago

We are celebrating eid mubarak here. Long holiday is coming. Time to spent on our new website.



Connecting Evernote with Sublime Text 3

I love Sublime text 3 and use Evernote a lot. And today I would like to share how to connect Evernote with Sublime Text 3. This is useful because most of the times i store my code snippet on my Evernote account. And since I'm using Ubuntu, there is no native Evernote client, so the only way I can use it is using Evernote web.To cut it short, to connect Evernote with Sublime Text 3, I'm using Sublime module called sublime-evernote. You can see the source from Github.Installation … Read more...

WordPress 4.2.1 Security Release

5 months and 2 weeks ago

WordPress release security release in 4.2.1. Update your WordPress now! WordPress 4.2.1 Security Release

Upgraded to Ubuntu 15.04

5 months and 2 weeks ago

Update to Ubuntu 15.04. First impression not really good. First boot have colord-sane error :( What a disappointment. I think I will revert back to 14.04.

Ivan Kristianto:

It’s weird, WordPress release 4.2 but why many of my websites automatically update to WordPress 4.1.3?


5 months and 2 weeks ago
Ivan Kristianto:

I woke up this morning and see a lot of software updates. WordPress 4.2, Ubuntu 15.04 and Calibrefx 2.1.3

5 months and 2 weeks ago

WordPress Development FAQ

With more than 5 years of WordPress development experiences. I decided to create this summary of most frequently asking question (FAQ) while developing a WordPress themes or WordPress plugins. And this post will continuously updated, so you may need to bookmarked it :)White blank page (White screen of death)This is one of the annoying issue in WordPress. It is just a white blank page. No errors, No warning. I found this issue couple times during my WordPress development. And i wrote it in … Read more...

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