Everybody Loves Progress

Everybody Loves Progress

Everybody loves progress. I hear that words from my business partners couple days ago. And make me realize something about challenge. Challenge will always come and try they very best to break us down, especially in business. Making progress is like a light of hope to go through any challenges we are facing. One of the key to create a great partnership and build your own dream team, is progress.Even We all loves progress, but We may not like change. Change is the beginning of a progress. … Read more...

Holiday is coming…

4 months and 2 weeks ago

We are celebrating eid mubarak here. Long holiday is coming. Time to spent on our new website.



Connecting Evernote with Sublime Text 3

I love Sublime text 3 and use Evernote a lot. And today I would like to share how to connect Evernote with Sublime Text 3. This is useful because most of the times i store my code snippet on my Evernote account. And since I'm using Ubuntu, there is no native Evernote client, so the only way I can use it is using Evernote web.To cut it short, to connect Evernote with Sublime Text 3, I'm using Sublime module called sublime-evernote. You can see the source from Github.Installation … Read more...

WordPress 4.2.1 Security Release

7 months ago

WordPress release security release in 4.2.1. Update your WordPress now! WordPress 4.2.1 Security Release

Upgraded to Ubuntu 15.04

7 months and 1 week ago

Update to Ubuntu 15.04. First impression not really good. First boot have colord-sane error :( What a disappointment. I think I will revert back to 14.04.

Ivan Kristianto:

It’s weird, WordPress release 4.2 but why many of my websites automatically update to WordPress 4.1.3?

Update: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/04/25/wordpress-4-1-3-released/

7 months and 1 week ago
Ivan Kristianto:

I woke up this morning and see a lot of software updates. WordPress 4.2, Ubuntu 15.04 and Calibrefx 2.1.3

7 months and 1 week ago
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