Cloudflare API CLI Tool

I use Cloudflare CDN to add performance and security layer to my websites for free. And most of times when I need to change some settings for the zone file, I have to login through the web dashboard, and sometimes it ask for 2FA. For just a little change I have to go through multiple steps.

So I decided to create the cli tools with node.js to manage my Cloudflare account via API. And it works!

How to Install

  1. npm install -g cloudflare-api.
  2. Generate your Cloudflare API Token, see this doc
  3. Run cf config setup, and use your api token.
  4. Run cf --help for all available commands.


All the commands documentation available in this wiki page.


If you find this tool useful please leave me your review, and if you found any bug please open an issue on GitHub, pull requests also welcome.


  1. DIHER says:

    thank u sir.

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