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WordPress for Android has been out for a while. But i thought it might be a good share. WordPress for Android is available for free in Google Play market. Please go to this url to download to your Android mobile now. With this app i can write on my blog anything and anywhere. Especially when i go shopping with my girlfriend, while waiting i do blogging 🙂

I have used WordPress for Android for a while now. It is not just for writing a post, i can reply comment as well as see my website statistics. I’m using these two features a lot. For example this post also wrote from my mobile. And the good part is, it doesn’t need internet connection for the time, because i can write it offline, and sync it when i get back to online.

Beside writing posts/pages, comments and statistics, there are also many other features. Readers, this feature is like news feeds for blogs you are following. It is useful but i don’t really use this. Because i have another application for reading news, it is called Feedly. Another cool feature is Quick Video, if you like to do vlog (video blogging), this feature might useful for you. Because you can capture your video anywhere and anytime, after that publish it through your blog post.

One thing is missing to this application, ability to upload an image to the post. What it can do is only Quick Photo, which is only capture a picture and publish it through the post. But for upload an image and put it into the post, this app still cannot do that. I hope in the future they can add this feature, it would be cool 🙂

Do you have any experience or tips/tricks to share.. please let me know from the comment box below. Thanks.

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