Voice Search and Search By Images Now Available at Google

Voice search and search by images is the new features by Google. It’s like a dream come true. I was thinking this long time ago when i have image of unknown animal and i would like to know what is it. At the time i was ask it in forums and some people gave me the answer. So i thought just if someday Google have that kind of feature, and it comes true.

Google Voice Search

I was thinking back when Microsoft release their Vista, and i trained my laptop to do voice recognition. Even it still have lot of mistakes, i feel that it was cool feature. And now Google implement it on Google Search. Now you can do Voice Search on Google. Even it is not new, since Google release this voice search for iPhone and Android user, but now it come to Desktop user. You just need to use the latest Google Chrome to do Voice search on Google. Check this video:

[youtube width=”520″ height=”300″]MQnZe_Iggx0[/youtube]

Google Search by Image

This dream come true feature now arrive in Google image search. Now we can search by using our image. Search by image means you can now upload images straight to the search engine and Google will search through the image file and attempt to locate any similar images and return you the terms they’re associated with, as the company explained on a blog post:
[quote]If you click the camera, you can upload any picture or plug in an image URL from the web and ask Google to figure out what it is. Try it out when digging through old vacation photos and trying to identify landmarks[/quote]

How it is work:
[quote sourceurl=”http://images.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1325808&p=searchbyimagepage” sourcename=”Google support”]Google uses computer vision techniques to match your image to other images in the Google Images index and additional image collections. From those matches, we try to generate an accurate “best guess” text description of your image, as well as find other images that have the same content as your search image. Your search results page can show results for that text description as well as related images.[/quote]

Check this video:
[youtube width=”520″ height=”300″]t99BfDnBZcI[/youtube]

What’s next?

I wish someday Google will implement search by audio. Because i have some unknown mp3 files, but i don’t know who is the composer or singer.


  1. WebVisible says:

    Google voice search that’s gr8.I was thinking that it is good for the blind people as well, but need to enhance the technology that wherever the cursor goes in search it speaks the title of that listing, that will help alot to the people who are challenged and want to work like normal people.

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