Update Your Facebook For Blackberry v1.9

Finally Research In Motion (RIM) release a new version of Facebook for Blackberry v1.9. Even it is still a beta version but it is stable enough. The new version include new features and fixes from the v1.8. One of them is Facebook messaging feature. The new Facebook for Blackberry now have dedicated Inbox to read your Facebook Inbox, which doesn’t available in v1.8.

Facebook version 1.9 was just released to BlackBerry Beta Zone members and brings with it a lot of new changes and features:

  1. Dedicated Inbox – View your Facebook messages in one separate inbox or within your BlackBerry messages inbox. The app pre-fetches 30 of your existing messages, and will then continue to sync messages on your BlackBerry smartphone with your Facebook inbox.
  2. Facebook Search – Search for individuals and pages, making it easy to find mutual friends, add friends and “like” pages. For BlackBerry 6 users, Universal Search will pull Facebook results too!
  3. Enhanced Friends List and Page List – View Friends profile photos and pages in list form
  4. Redesigned Navigation Bar – View your own profile and click on the Search and Message icons with the new navigation bar.

You can downoad Facebook for Blackberry v1.9 officially from BlackBerry Beta Zone, which required registration to access it. You can register it for free and download it from there. This new version come with much better features, but it still doesn’t support Facebook chat. Which i have to use another third party application to chat with my Facebook friends. One of the good one is SocialScope.

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