Try Google Doc Without Having A Google Account

Google Docs is a free online word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and form tools. It is similar with the Microsoft Office, but the different is Google Docs is a web based application. In Google Docs you store your files on Google server and it can be accessed through your account only, unless you allowed it to be public or shared. With a Google Account you can create your word document or spreadsheet in Google Docs. But if you don’t have a Google account you can still use a demo version of Google Docs, but i still encourage to make one. It’s Free!

To use a demo version of Google Docs you can go to This demo version which allows users to try full-fledged versions of its word processor, spreadsheet, and drawing tool without a Google account. In demo version you can choose whether edit the Document, Spreadsheet or Drawing.

I’m personally like Google Docs, beside it is free, it is accessible from anywhere as long as i connected to internet. So i can store my work or data in Google Docs and edit it anywhere without a risk of losing or broken files. And Google docs can export to Microsoft Office file type like doc, xls, or pdf.

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