Top Cloud Apps to Boost Your Productivity

This time i would like to share some cloud applications to boost your productivity. Most of them are free and will help you so much in your day to day activities.

There are plenty of cloud applications to help you to more effective and efficient. For example, we can share our video presentations using dropbox and access it from anywhere such as other computers or even mobile phones.  So no more complicated things by bringing the usb drive, portabe hardrive or send it by email.

Cloud computing enable us to work between the team and collaborate in an efficient way. With such technology implementation will boost our productivity a lot.

Below are some of the cloud applications that you and your team can use to boost your team performance:

1. Dropbox
Dropbox is free services cloud software that lets you to bring all your photos, videos and documents anywhere. It has full support for both desktop os and mobile os. Means that you can access your documents anywhere you go.

2. Google Drive
Similar like dropbox but it is connected with Google Documents. So you can store all your documents and presentation online in Google Docs and access it from the Google Drive.

3. Evernote
Evernote is an easy to use and free apps that help you to remember everything across all devices. Once you write it and you can access it from anywhere. I’m using this apps and found it is really useful to do my project management, capturing ideas, or even taking a note.

4. Asana
Asana is great team collaboration tools for task and project managements. Our team is using Asana to do task delegation and collaboration. It help us in achieving our goals faster, efficient and effectively. I personally recommend this is for your collaboration tools.

5. Gmail
I think everyone already have a gmail account. I found that using gmail is free of hassle. It is just works, fast, and easy to use. And by using an android mobile, you can sync email and contacts easily. So no more losing contacts and emails. And also Gmail come with powerful search to search your previous email fast and accurate.

6. Skype
Skype is one of the best chat application. It enables to chat, phone and video calls. And then it has group chat. We are using this in our team collaboration. We do share and 2 way communication while we are working. It boost our productivity as well. But you need to moderate it so your team members not using it for useless chit chat.

7. is a very simple to do list software. It’s a mobile apps that remind me for my personal todos. I’m using it in my day to day life, because it is easy to use, when a new idea or task that popping in my head i will write it down in to follow up that later. This mobile apps is very handy, easy to use and very useful.

8. Google Calendar
Google Calendar is one of the Google product to manage your schedule such as deadline, appointment, meeting and other reminder. It can remind you via email and text messages. And if you Android mobile you can easily manage your schedule and it will remind you in the future.

9. LastPass
LastPass is Password Manager that work in both desktop and mobile. Remembering password is hard if you not using them very often. And using the same password for all the accounts on the net is the worst mistake i ever had. So by using LastPass i could generate random password for every accounts and i don’t have to remember them. Just remember the most essential accounts and LastPass master key password. Once you use LastPass you can use your mind to remember other things.

10. Expensify
Expensify is cloud based solution to track expenses. Track your and your company expenses so you can control the cash flow. Knowing your expenses or record billable expense easily will certainly increase your overall productivity. You also can do smart scan for your bill by just taking a picture, and expensify will detect and record it for you.

I’m using all of them in my day to day life, both works and personal. I found that my productivity and also my team productivity is much higher now. From the communications, project management, meeting schedule, deadline schedule, expense management, taking notes, and password management are covered in all of those apps. And fortunately most of them are free. So you don’t have to wait and boost your productivity now.

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  1. Nicely written bro!
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