[Tips] Optimize Your BlackBerry

Blackberry is on of the most successful mobile phone. This RIM (Research In Motion) from Canada mobile phone is primarily known for its ability to send and receive Internet e-mail wherever it can access Internet. And today Blackberry is not just to send and receive email. With the Blackberry Messenger system it allows you to chat with your friend using Blackberry system. And it also allowed you to do micro blogging such as Twitter and Facebook.

If you have been using your Blackberry for more than 2 months or so, you will notice that your Blackberry phone become slower than once it new. But don’t worry i will share you tips to optimize your Blackberry so it will help your Blackberry performance.

Here is the tips to optimize your Blackberry:

  1. Update your Blackberry OS to the latest one. This will improve your Blackberry performance and bug fixed.
  2. If you done with one application please stop it properly, don’t  just press quit button. It still running and consume your memory.
  3. Uninstall/remove unnecessary application including old games you don’t play anymore.
  4. Perform backup periodically. Your data is the most important.
  5. Enable content compression. You can go to Options > Security Options > General Settings.
  6. Delete unnecessary Email and MMS that have attachments and stop forward an email to device.
  7. Save your battery! Disable GPS when not used, Bluetooth, Wifi and Vibrate feature. Use it when you need it.
  8. Once a day, restart your Blackberry mobile.

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