Save Your Gmail Inbox Space By Delete Old Attachments

I have been using Gmail for my primary email communication for several years. It is great and fast and also convenience as well. But recently i have an issue, i almost run out of spaces. By the time i’m writing this this email Gmail only give 15GB of email storage. And i’m using 95% of it. The recent that it is full because i did email some clients with large attachment.

So i found a way to search those email and i delete them all, and i could save a lot of spaces. Here is how i do it:

  1. I search all the old emails which have attachment that more than 5MB, here is the syntax: has:attachment size:5000000
  2. I went to the latest email found (i still have emails from 2007!)
  3. I delete every email that i don’t need anymore.

Now my Gmail inbox safe at 64% of 15GB.

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