Pidgin v2.6.6 Update

After a while i don’t use Pidgin anymore and since default messanger on Ubuntu wasn’t Pidgin anymore. But i still miss to use Pidgin. Because it is lightweight and NO-ADS. Yahoo Messenger have so many ads and popup when you login. It make my computer freeze a while. And sometime it frozen. And the other thing Yahoo Messenger sometime crash with .NET Framework, still don’t know why.

Anyway, i would like to review Pidgin not criticizing Yahoo Messanger. Ok let’s get back to topic, hehehe. After a while i don’t use Pidgin and today i open their website, and now Pidgin already update up to v2.6.6. Since my last post it is still v2.5.8.

So i’m interested what is the major update from v2.5.8 to v2.6.6. After i red their change log here is the Pidgin v2.6.6 Update:
1. Fix some file transfer issues in MSN
2. Support animating GIF icon in MSN
3. Don’t send <span> tags in YM
4. Many bug fixes in library libpurple
5. Fix a leak and crash when retrieving buddy icons.
and many more, you can read the rest here.

So what so good about Pidgin? Here the best thing i like from Pidgin:
1. No-Ads
2. No crash
3. Fast and lightweight
4. Run in Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux/Ubuntu
5. One Messanger for all account, support: YM, MSN, GTalk, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more
6. Many third-party plugin, run by community. Community is the best on internet

You can download Pidgin here.

Are you agree with me? Please leave me any comment.


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