Pidgin v2.5.8 Update Fix Yahoo Messenger Problem

Today my package update manager update my Pidgin from v2.5.7 to v.2.5.8. There are lot of fix especially with the Yahoo Messanger problem from v2.5.7. Like buddy refresh, v2.5.7 have a problem with buddy refresh, so your buddy list never update when they are signing in or signing off. This bugs was really annoying, and thanks for pidgin to fix this bugs. And the other fix i feel is, buddy picture or avatar, pidgin v.2.5.7 didn’t show avatar, and now it shows up.

Before i knew this problem and try to upgrade a couple times and the repository said there was no pidgin update available, and i wonder why they late for 3-4 days to update the repositories? But it doesn’t matter because i already have the latest pidgin now, and i’m quite happy to use Pidgin as my IM.

How about you? Do you like pidgin too? If so, please leave a comment. Thanks and have a nice day.

ps: to upgrade pidgin please refer to this post.


  1. i used to have Pidgin on my computer (Windows) using Safari. Then I upgraded and had to uninstall the old one. After the upgraded download it told me GLib error – not NT-based windows, – or something like that. I have tried numerous times to download Pidgin but get the same error message and can't run it. Any ideas. (Windows XP). Tks!

  2. Pidgin now have the new release, have you tried the version 2.7.2 windows based?

  3. hasan says:

    i need yahoo messenger without errors

  4. Use the newest Pidgin 🙂

  5. Benzoric says:

    hi, can't receive files on my pidgin YM and it not recognised as an IM on my N900

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