Paypal Payment Available On Android Market? True or Not?

Everyone knows that Android is one of the Google product for compete in mobile market. And Google Android have it’s own application market for the Android user to sell and buy application. And of course the payment processing for Android market is Google checkout, as it’s default payment gateway. And for those who outside the US, it’s hard to have Google checkout account, and not all application is available for user outside US.

There is a rumor that Paypal announce payment support for Android market. And as you know Google checkout and Paypal is competitor, and Android market is under Google. So do you think it’s possible? In my opinion it’s possible, but i don’t think want to share the profit as put the Paypal payment support there. So it is almost impossible.

But Paypal accidentally post a short announcement on its corporate blog, if they will support “all three major mobile platforms” market. You can see the screenshot below:
But this announcement was pulled out seconds later. We don’t know why the announcement was pulled, but presumably the news will be spread at PayPal’s X Innovate conference today and someone simply pulled the trigger on the blog post a bit too soon.

So will Paypal support Android market or not? I don’t know yet, all i know is until know i don’t see any Paypal payment option when i try to buy Android apps on Android market. But i wish they will support this. Because Paypal payment more friendly for us that outside US.


  1. Dogs says:

    Paypal account has not supported in our country. So that our outsources can't receive their money directly from the buyer. The government might give an attention on it.

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