Open Source Virus Database Idea

This is just a thought from my little brain. Nowadays there are lot of computer virus spread all over the internet and network. Computer viruses comes with many variant such as worms, trojan horses, rootkit, keylogger, spyware and etc. They come with their own goals but usually for steal information or identity theft. This computer virus can copy it self, spread through the network and and infect the other host (computer). And also can hide or protect it self under computer system.

To counter the fast growing computer virus, now there are lots of Anti Virus software to protect your system from getting infected. Some antivirus software are free, but many of them you have to pay for it. All of this Antivirus software have their own virus databases and have daily update features to keep your computer safe. Beside they have different virus database, they also have different algorithm to search the entire system.

Anyway what i want to say in this article is, what if somehow we have the online open source virus databases. With this we can have same information and same algorithm to recognize the virus, and the databases will be maintained by the community or users.

What is the goal of this open source online virus database:

  1. To reduce and counter the virus spreading
  2. To provide an online virus database information, that will trigger open source antivirus as well.
  3. Provide up to date virus database, maintain by the community
  4. Community can actively send virus samples, update the virus database and update the search algorithm.
  5. Can be used in all platform, Windows, Linux, Mac, Sun OS, Android, iOS, Symbian, or anything, you name it.

There are still lot of idea in my mind. But for now i write this so later i can use this article as my reference.


  1. Realsifo says:

    ada bro 🙂 toeh clamav 😛

  2. Milad Amirzadeh says:

    That was a very good Idea.

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