New Face, New Spirit…

Horrayyy… Finally i release my new face with new spirit. I called it codemania themes, he3x.  This new themes is more tidy and more compatible with wordpress 2.8.4. And i put feature gallery content plugin to the homepage, so it will look more interactive. I don’t like graphic design, but i do want to learn graphic design, so i think this is a chance for me to learn graphic design, so i can publish it on homepage.

I changed page menu order, delete one photo-album page and add recent post page. I did that because i want to share more information about my knowledges and experiences to you. And i thanks to all of you, now my traffic is getting better now. I get 400 impression per day now and i hope you enjoy it. I also changed my category and category order, to manage my articles per category.

With this new face, i hope my writing skill, my design skill, and also my blog traffic is lot better. I am starting with new spirit right now, and i hope i can keep that for a long time. Thank you for all your support and thanks for everyone who subscribe to my feedburner, i hope you enjoy it.

And last but not least. i am open to your suggestion or comments about my new themes. If you have any, please leave me a message or comment below. Thanks, and enjoy your day.

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