Mozilla Thunderbird: Complete, Powerful And Free Email Client

Mozilla Thunderbird is complete, powerful and open source for email and news client, also it is working cross platform as it is written on C++. Mozilla Thunderbird is developed by the Mozilla Foundation, which is famous for their product Mozilla Firefox. As a competitor of Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird offer the almost same core feature but it is free. Beside free, Thunderbird work in other OS such as Mac OSX, Solaris and Linux.

Here is the complete set of Mozilla Thunderbird features:

Multi Email Account Setup
Mozilla Thunderbird allow you to setup more than one email account and easily to manage them. With it’s mail account setup wizard, it is very easy for you to add new email account, and Mozilla Thunderbird will find the correct setting for you. You just need to fill your name, email address and password and let Thunderbird do the rest.

RSS news client
As well as mail account, you can also setup a news group for your favorite RSS news. You can subscribe to any valid RSS and add it to Thunderbird. If the there is RSS update, you will get the news instantly with a nice little pop up at bottom right of your screen.

Address Book

Easily to manage your contact information, you just need a single click to do that. One-click Address Book is a quick and easy way to add people to your address book. Add people by simply clicking on the star icon in the message you receive. Two clicks and you can add more details like a photo, birthday, and other contact information.

Activity Manager
Activity manager is a set of activity log between Thunderbird and your mail server. You can track and find out what happen if anything goes wrong.

Multi Tabs and Search function
Thunderbird come with multi tabs and search function. You can read your email in full screen in another tab and reply it without any distraction and little space. The search function help you to find the email or the news from any folders and archive.

Message Archive
If you think you’re going to need an email in the future but want it out of your inbox without deleting it, archive it! Archiving helps you manage your inbox and put your email into a new archive folder system. In this archive folder system it will sort by month. So you can find it easily later.

Themes manager
Mozilla Thunderbird customize the themes, you can find a lot of themes in Mozilla Thunderbird themes add-ons. I like the Mac OSX themes, it looks neat and cool. Choose any themes that suits you.

Extensible through add-ons
Mozilla Thunderbird have a lot of add-ons to extend its feature and ability. You can download it directly from Thunderbird (Tools > Add-ons) or visit the add-ons page. One of the most popular add-on is lightning, it allow Thunderbird to have event calendar. With this add-on now Thunderbird have the same feature as Outlook.

Easy to update
Just like Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird is easy to update as well. When the new update available there would be a pop up and do update in single click. The automated update system provides updates for Thunderbird on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux in over 40 different languages.

With that set of features, what else do you need for an email client? Share your thought at the comment box below. Thanks.

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