Little Tricks to Optimize Ipad Peformance

It is true that Ipad has become such a phenomenal device right now. What differentiates iPad from other devices is that you cannot expect so many buttons on it. Yes, almost all activities are done through its screen. However, you can still make your works with iPad easier only by following the easy tricks below.

Basically, Ipad runs same mobile OS like iPhone, so the tricks give here are applicable for these two devices. First off, since there is no dedicated mute button on iPad, you can keep the “Volume down” button and the sound will be muted at once. Second trick, the extra application can be added to your tray by simply pressing and holding any icon you see on the Home Screen and wait until the icons start to wobble. Next, drag two more applications to the Dock.

The on-screen buttons on your Ipad can as well be redefined in General – Home. Moreover, you can save more time by bringing up Spotlight search. Sometimes typing text can be so time-wasting, especially when you are about to type longer text. This takes time especially when your iPad is trying to guess the word you are typing, so you can make it stop guessing by stopping your work and tap the space bar.

Caps lock is necessary sometimes as you need to type capital letters through on-screen keyboard. Basically, to type this capital letter, you should first tap the left or right shift key, then go back tapping the letter. This can be so desperately slow especially when you need to type all letters in capital. Thus, all you need to do is by giving double tap on either shift key and you just type the letter as regular.

It is great that you can use this iPhone mobile OS device to read books. When in particular moment you need to read e-books in portrait mode, iPad will be gladly able to do that. Another attractive feature this device brings is the option for password protection. To set this password, you should navigate to Settings > General > Restrictions and press Enable Restriction and define your password, later turn the restriction on.

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