LastPass: Password Manager For All Platforms

As the new comer of Password Manager software, LastPass now become the most popular password manager software. Beside it is free, it works cross browsers and cross platforms. And if you want to make LastPass work for your mobile (iPhone or Blackberry) you just have to pay as low as $1/month. LastPass offer most of the features from other password manager software such as RoboForm but for free.

I like LastPass because it is free. And it have import features from other password manager software. So you can switch to LastPass easily. The free version will be more than enough for most users, while upgrading to the premium version will get you LastPass for mobile devices and browsers, remove ads from your vault, provide priority e-mail and phone support, and give you multifactor authentication. This heightened level of security requires you to use a YubiKey or USB key in conjunction with your LastPass master password to gain access to your vault.

Basic and premium users alike will get LastPass’ deep array of password-management tools. It will auto-detect username and password form fields. If it has the credentials for the page you’re visiting, it will ask you to fill in the info. You can also set LastPass to automatically fill in credentials, or even automatically log in. When you visit a site that you’re creating new credentials for, it will ask if you’d like it to create a password for you. Via the vault, you can change the default level of security for generated passwords. It will also detect when you’ve changed the password for a site that’s already saved, and ask you if you’d like to change the saved version.

LastPass strong features:

  • One master password
  • Browser synchronization
  • Secure password generation
  • Password encryption
  • Form filler
  • Importing and exporting passwords
  • Portable
  • Mobile access

See the CNET Review and Installation video:

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