iPad 2: The Second Generation iPad, New Design, Faster, And Thinner

Since it is not a rumor anymore, Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Inc) unveil the iPad 2 specifications. As in his presentation, iPad 2 as the second generation of iPad, have a new design, 2 times faster then iPad 1, and dramatically thinner.

Here is the complete recaps of iPad 2 specifications:
1. Using the new A5 processor
With this new A5 processor, iPad 2 will 2 times faster, 9 times faster graphic processing and use same low power as it’s predecessor A4.

2. Video Cameras
As the debate in iPad 1 which is don’t have front camera, so you cannot do video chat, now you can have it in iPad 2. iPad 2 will ship with 2 camera, front and rear camera. Now video chat with iPad 2 is possible.

3. Built in Gyroscope
As in iPhone 4 and iPod touch, now iPad 2 have the same Gyroscope.

4. Dramatically lighter and slimmer
iPad 2 will ship with 1/3 thinner then it’s predecessor iPad 1. iPad 1 is 13.4mm thick, and iPad 2 is 8.8mm in thick. And iPad 2 only 1.3 pounds in weight.

5. Have 2 colors option
iPad 2 will ship in 2 colors, white and black. So which one do you like? Your choice.

6. Have the same price with iPad 1
iPad 2 bundle with the same price as iPad 1. Apple would like for all his user will upgrade to iPad 2.

iPad 2 will release in this March 11, 2011.

See Steve Jobs presentation below:
[youtube width=”520″ height=”300″]b661ovU1rPU[/youtube]

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