IM+: Connect To Multiple IM Networks In One Browser Window

IM+ is all in one messenger most widely used mobile internet messenger application. With IM+ you can connect to MSN®, Yahoo!®, Google Talk™, AIM®, Jabber®, ICQ®, Facebook®, MySpace, Skype™, and Twitter on ALL popular mobile platforms. And IM+ is available on all Mobile OS such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile (touchscreen), Windows Mobile (non-touchscreen), Symbian S60, Android, Java phones, Palm WebOS.

And recently IM+ launch the web based application, even it is still in beta version, but you can connect to multiple internet messenger (IM) in one browser window or tab. Beside the nice and user friendly UI, IM+ offer a better chat history or log than their competitors such as Meebo and ebuddy. And of course the IM+ fans from iPhone and Android would be happy with this new features of IM+. The other feature, IM+ also saved your login information (only if you allow it), and when you log in into IM+ web app, it will launch them startup.


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