[HowTo] Make Your Web Screenshots

There are lot of ways to make your web screenshot. Some of them use browser plugin, some use standalone program, and some use web based tools. If you work on the internet or as a journalist you will need to make a screenshot of the web you want to write or review.

Web Screenshot With Browser Plugins:
1. Picnik.  A Firefox extension, adds a menu option when you right click on images to make it easy to pull the image into Picnik for editing. Firefox 2.0/3.0 users also menu options and a toolbar icon to take screen shots and import them into Picnik.
2. Screengrab. A Firefox extension, saves webpages as images. It will capture what you can see in the window, the entire page, just a selection, a particular frame… basically it saves webpages as images – either to a file, or to the clipboard. It captures Flash too.

Web Screenshot With Standalone program:
1. SnagIt. Integrates with Firefox, can replace the standard Windows (Windows) print screen function, and enables you to create profiles for various types of use. But it’s not free, you need to buy it for $39.95
2. FastStone Capture – a powerful utility for taking screenshots with a floating control panel as well as the ability to capture anything on the screen including windows, objects, full screen, rectangle regions, and even freehand-selected regions.
3. WebShot – a program that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites. Its main advantage is its powerful command line utility which enables you to automate the process of taking screenshots.
4. Paparazzi! – a tiny application for Mac OS X that lets you take screenshots of web pages.
5. InstantShot – an advanced but freeware application for Mac OS X that sits in your menu bar and gives you a myriad of screen capturing options, including capturing a region, hotkeys, several output formats, image scaling and many others

Web Screenshot With Web based tool:
1. Thumbalizr – already mentioned in a recent article, Thumbalizr lets you create screenshots of websites by pasting their URL. It is is to use. But some report says it is not always work.
2. WebShotsPro – enter a URL address and get a screenshot of the website in question. Simple. You might encounter quite a long queue before getting your screenshot, though.


  1. Abhay Bajpai says:

    Hey Ivan can u provide me source or tool for command line screen shot for websites in php compatible for all operating system

  2. Honkeydonkey says:

    Interesting post. You could also include maybe how to put it into image editing program and send it off, if you need to know how I found out on: http://www.usingcomputers.co.uk/tutorials/How_to_Take_a_Screenshot.php

    Many Thanks

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