[HowTo] Change Proxy In Your Internet Browser

It’s very annoying that if your favorite websites block your country because of one or many reasons. And some of the websites have a limited bandwidth to some country. They blocked it by find where the ip address you come from. You can check your external ip address by go to this website.

You can bypass your ip address by using proxy. With proxy you can access your website indirectly. So the website you visited will not recognize your real ip address. So your connection will not blocked or filtered.

Proxy address sample format is like this:

To change your proxy in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open from Menu > Tools > Internet Options
  2. Choose Connections Tab
  3. Click Lan Settings
  4. At Proxy server group, check the checkbox and choose advance
  5. Fill the HTTP textbox. Please see the picture below
    IE Proxy
  6. Click Ok and then Ok again.

To change your proxy in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open Menu > Tools > Options
  2. Click Advance tab then choose Network Tab
  3. Click Settings
  4. Choose Manual Proxy Configuration
  5. Fill the HTTP textbox, see the picture below
  6. Click Ok then Ok again.

To change your proxy in Opera:

  1. Choose from the opera start menu > Settings > Preferences
  2. Click Advance tab, then choose Network
  3. Click Proxy Servers button
  4. Check the HTTP checkbox, then fill the textbox. See the picture below
  5. Press Ok and Ok again.

To change your proxy in Google Chrome:

  1. Click the setting menu on the top-right corner of the windows.
  2. Choose Options > Under the hood tab, and at the Network section click Change proxy setting button
  3. The rest please refer to change proxy setting for Internet explorer step 2.


  1. smaddi says:

    Hi I got iPhone4. I use broadband with proxy settings and my wireless router is configured. But I am unable to access internet on my iPhone. I think, I need to configure my proxy settings to my iPhone. Could you explain how do I do it?

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