Hide All Tabs At Google Chrome At Once

Sometimes you need to hide your working tabs from your friends, families, or co-workers. You need to have more privacy with your working spaces and most of the times it can save you from troubles. You can hide all your working tabs in Google Chrome at once with Panic Button extension. And also you can password protected it.

Here how to install it on Google Chrome:

1. Open your Google Chrome
2. Install the Panic Button extension here.
3. You will see the Panic Button icon beside your address bar.

Here is the screenshot:

Panic Button Option

How to use it:
1. You can press Esc key or Panic Button icon once and all your tab will be safe
2. You can set the password at the option, right click at the Panic Button icon
3.  You can set a safe page when you press Esc key or Panic Button icon, so when all tabs dissapear it will show the safe page.

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