Google Voice Works Well Calling To Indonesia

Since Google Voice launch from 2 years ago, i have a chance to try Google Voice today to call some friends in Indonesia for testing. Because usually i’m using Skype as they work great to do Voice and Video call. I tried Google Voice from GMail, as i open it everyday to do my everyday communications.

As the result, Google Voice work pretty well, i have delay about 2 seconds, but my sound could be hear clearly by my friends as i can hear them clearly as well. Even in Indonesia have lot of providers, Google Voice only work with 2 of them, Telkomsel and Indosat.

The call rate is a little bit cheaper than skype, to call to Indonesian mobile i have to pay 14,6 cents and with Google Voice i paid 11.0 cents, all price is minute based. Find more Google Voice rates here.

How to make a call with Google Voice in GMail:

  1. Login to your GMail account.
  2. You will find Call Phone in your chat sidebar:
  3. If this your first time you may need to install Google voice and chat appliation, download it at Google Voice.
  4. Now you can dial any phone number that Google voice carrier supported.

And as i’m writing this article, i also successfully sent a text message to my girlfriend’s mobile. You can text your friend with GMail freely, with quota 50 messages per 24 hours. I want to test it more and update you the result.


  1. nice article and good too while calling to Indonesia.

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