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Google Reader recently update their Google Reader for Android application. This update comes with new interesting features. Like Widget, widgets have long been one of the most requested feature for Google Reader for Android. It make us more easier to customize. And the other feature is, while scrolling through your feed you can now mark all the previous entries as read. Hit up the link below to read more or visit the Android Market on your phone to update the application.

What’s new in this updates are:
* Unread count widget – choose any feed, label, person, or “all items” and get the unread count on your home screen. Clicking on the widget takes you to straight to that stream.
* News ticker widget – if you prefer a bit more information, you can add a larger size widget that cycles through items on any stream you want in Reader. Clicking any headline will take you to the article, while clicking the folder will take you to that stream.
* Mark previous as read – if you’ve used the mobile version of Reader before and missed this feature, it’s now back! As you scroll down your reading list, hit “Mark previous as read” at any time to only mark things above the screen as read.
(Source from: Google Reader Official)

See the demo:
[youtube width=”520″ height=”300″]tME-bwsu3Eg[/youtube]

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