Google Nexus With Android Ice Cream

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Google together with Samsung launched the new Android Smartphone, so called Google Nexus. First launched in Hongkong Wednesday, 19 September 2011. This is the first smartphone using the new Google Android 4.0 “Ice Cream”. Using the same hardware technology as the Samsung Galaxy S2, but with the new OS.

I haven’t use this smartphone as it is haven’t arrived in Indonesia yet. But from the videos i watched about this new Andorid Ice Cream, i feel that i’m a little bit disappointed. It is only connecting the dots from other technology. Just like iPhone 4s does.

Google Nexus New Features

  • Fast: As this Google Nexus use the Samsung Galaxy S2 hardware, it is using the same dual core 1.2 GHz processor
  • 4G Network support: This smartphone support 4G network. Useless in Indonesia, but in some country maybe useful
  • Face unlock: Just like 2D barcode scanner, i prefer if it can scan fingerprint instead of face
  • HD Camera: There are a lot of improvements in the camera, which is a must for all the latest smartphone, so nothing new here
  • System statistic:This Android ice cream give more details and specific information on process, memory and space usage. Useful for debuggers, but not for users
  • Android Beam:The new “Bluetooth” technology, but instead using bluetooth radio it is using wireless lan network. The current android already have it with ftp apps
  • Google Apps new UI:They have some improvements with the UI for some google apps like gmail, gcal. but they haven’t fix their google+ layout. And still cannot start the google hangout, only join is allowed

There is no information about the battery life, i think it will the same with the Samsung Galaxy S2, and still you need to recharge at least once a day. As i’m a little bit dissapointed with this new Google Nexus, i think i will wait until Nokia release their Windows powered smartphone. Let’s see until then.

Just for fun you can watch the iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy S2 video below:
[youtube width=”520″ height=”300″]elKxgsrJFhw[/youtube]


  1. FrostAnthony says:

    It does really seem like the same old toy in a new wrapper. I must say, I wouldn't go out of my way to change my old phone for that, I'm pretty sure something new will emerge in a couple of months

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