Google Android, Will It Be A Future Mobile OS?

Android 2.2 have been announced since May 20 2010 at the Google I/O. This Mobile OS have their first (Android 1.0) released since September 2008. And now as the seventh release, Android 2.2 have a lot improvement and share the Mobile market. This Android 2.2 was firstly released on 12 Augusts 2010 with the Motorola Droid 2. And all the mobile phone that use Android 2.1 can upgrade freely to Android 2.2. Sony Ericsson also state on their blog to upgrade their Sony Experia X10 to use Android 2.2 in this quarter 4 this year. And the current mobile can upgrade to Android 2.2 free, read their article here.

This Android 2.2 is not like their other competitor, beside Linux Maemo the other mobile OS are not free. For example Windows Mobile, iOS for iPhone and iPad, Symbian, and RIM Blackberry. Google Android is well known for its fast performance and fast internet browsing. And now Android 2.2 support Adobe Flash 10.1. Not like an iOS 4 that need to be jailbreaked to support Adobe Flash.

Beside its fast web browsing an performance, Android 2.2 also support Microsoft Exchange for security, corporate email, and multi language keyboard, and nice ui and ui framework to easily development for open source developer. The most good thing about Google Android is they are open source. I love open source software, beside it is free, open source community is unbeatable for its development.

Google Android is almost 3 years now but already share the mobile market, and could replace its competitor. It is open source, support multiple language, have good performance, fast web browsing, have a nice UI and UI framework, can be a portable access point (hot spot), and it is support by the community of Google.

See the latest video of Google Android 2.2:


So will Google Android be a future mobile OS?


  1. Willy Juisan says:

    Android rocks!!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more 🙂

  3. Nice article ivan, well i can said that i was searching for this android article since i look samsung mobile phone was using it. I wonder which one to buy either Blackbarry or this android phone.

    I will made my market health account to paid my new phone. hahaaha

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