GMail Need SMS Verification For Opening New Account

Today i was shocked by Gmail when i tried to make a new account for my friend. Now Gmail need sms verification, yes it is sms verfication. I found that really annoying, because yahoo and msn doesn’t do that.  But i still like Gmail tough. If you appreantly face this issue, please refer to this Google help.

I have been using Gmail for 2 years, and never have any problem including spam. Most of the spam catched well by Gmail and i’m quite happy. Most people hate spam and so do i. And i tought they made sms verfication to reduce spams. If that is the reason, i accept that.

Sms verfication is not for opening a new account. First time i passed sms verfication was for Google Calender reminder and send text to my mobile. I found that really usefull, and you know what, it’s all free!!! Thanks Google 🙂 There are many Google products out there, i can’t mention it all but i can tell you, it will make your life easier.

So have you use Gmail? If not, why not?


  1. Najamfatima says:

    sms account

  2. Fredjones says:

    They are just data collecting. Seems retarded to me.

  3. Fr33 Gm4il 4u says:

    Send request to [email protected]
    1.first name
    2.last name
    3. username
    I will manage the sms verify code.
    Gmail acc. only.

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