Facebook Now Have Video Call

Not long after Google+ limited release to public and it’s booming on the net. And everybody talk about the Hangout features which is a group video call chat and sharing. And now Facebook release their own video call and group chat in return to Google+ hangout. Here Facebook use Skype technologies, as Skype now integrate really well for Facebook chat.

Facebook video call setup

To get started you need to do this following steps:

  1. Go to this Facebook application page to start to enable it.
  2. Press Get Started and pick a friend from your chat list.
  3. Now your chat box have video call icon:
  4. For the first time you need to download a plugin and install it.
  5. Start a video call with your friend.

I still haven’t try this since all my friends are using Blackberry. So i think i should wait until tomorrow to test it with some friends to get to know the quality of the call and group chat. So far i’m still quite happy with Google+ Hangouts. So what do you think?

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