Facebook Now Become Free Ads And Spam Social Networking

If you come to read this article then i bet you already know what Facebook is. As Facebook claim that they have more than 200 millions users, even i still don’t believe that all that numbers are real, but now Facebook is a top social networking on the internet. Everybody talk about Facebook, TV ads also about Facebook, and now mobile phone come with Facebook supported and market it. It is all about Facebook.

I like to spend some times on Facebook, to say hi to my friends and catch up with old friends. Cannot avoid that i met my old friend that we haven’t meet for more than 10 years, on Facebook. Thanks to Facebook. But recently i don’t really like Facebook anymore. Why? Because of ads and spams. Facebook now become free ads and spam social networking.

Yes, Facebook have a privacy hole to spam the ads. That privacy hole is picture tags. I really hate that feature, i wish that feature will be fixed soon. Anyone (a.k.a spammer) can tag me and my friends to their ads photo. So that photo will show up on my Wall. See the screen shot below:

I don’t want to remove my friends status update from my wall. But that spammer use that hole to add them to their ads photo and then their ads show up on my wall. So i think that feature is really need to be fixed soon. The best solution i can think of is only allowed some of friends or group of friends to tag photo of me. Or only show the photo update from some of friends or group of friends that related to me, if that photo tag by their friends that not friend of me, don’t show it.

So are you feel sick with this Facebook privacy hole as well? Please leave me your comment below.

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