Export Your Google Wave Data To Google Doc

As you know Google will shutdown Google Wave soon. If you using Google Wave for a while and have important datas stored in your Wave, this is a good news for you. You can export your data directly to your Google Docs.

All you need is to install Ferry bot to your Google Wave. Ferry bot is an extension to Google Wave to export Wave data securely to your Google Docs. Ferry also continues to sync waves after they have been exported, either automatically as they change or manually when you press a button.

To install Ferry bot is easy you can do it in three ways:

  1. Install Ferry using the Installer and feedback wave
  2. Manually by adding the participant [email protected]
  3. Installer XML: http://ferrybot.appspot.com/gadget/xt.xml
    You can choose one of them as you like.

To export your Google Wave data see the video below:

Visit Ferry bot homepage for more details

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