DB Cache Reloaded Version 2.1 Not Compatible With WordPress 3.1

I have been using DB Cache Reloaded for a while now, it have a better performance than W3 Total Cache database cache. You may read my previous article Guide To Improve Your WordPress Blog Performance For Free. Now i have update my clone of this blog to use WordPress 3.1 for testing purpose, at the beginning it was fine. But now it turns out that i have an issue with DB Cache Reloaded which is not compatible with WordPress 3.1.

I dig a while and i found that it’s not just me. There are some other users have the same issue. See it here.

The error says:

DB Cache Reloaded Error: wpdb class is redefined, plugin cannot work!
Previous definition is at /home/freempon/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php:52.

DB Cache Reloaded could work with wrapper mode, but it have less performance. I like DB Cache Reloaded, so now i will pending upgrading my WordPress to version 3.1 until DB Cache Reloaded issue fixed.

Update: I create a patch for DB Cache Reloaded. Available for download at DB Cache Reloaded Fix Updates

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