DB Cache Reloaded Fix on Github

First of all i would like to thanks all of you that already support me and using DB Cache Reloaded Fix plugin. And also i would to apologize if lately the DB Cache Reloaded Fix development is delayed. I also keep reading the WordPress forum for my plugin development, and there are some nice idea and fixes that need to be implemented, but i really busy at the moment since i just build my own company. And there are many things on my plate to do.

And there some brilliant developers ask me if they can help as well. So this idea is suddenly come to my mind, why don’t i setup a public repository so other developer could help me in the development as well.

Then i setup a public repository on Github for DB Cache Reloaded Fix plugin and you can find the link at the end of this post. You can fork the repository add a fix or new feature, and then write me an email or pull request, i will test and see if it is good for the community then i will merge and update it on the WordPress plugin repo.

Thanks again and hope we can develop this plugin together.

DB Cache Reloaded Fix on WordPress plugin page
DB Cache Reloaded Fix

DB Cache Reloaded Fix on Github
DB Cache Reloaded Fix on Github


  1. steveblowjob says:

    Gan, aku dah nyobain plugin DB Cache Reloaded Fix tapi kok malah php-fpm nya bloated. Emang query sql jadi turun 65% tapi I/O nya jadi lambat dan di php slow log nya file db-cache-reloaded.php rata2 exe. time di atas 30s. Btw, wp_posts recordnya sekitar 6m. Kira2 ada solusi?

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