Customize Your Facebook Fan Page

From the previous article “Create Facebook Fan Page With Welcome Page“, i wrote how to make Facebook fan page with simple welcome page. Now i would like to show you more cool features that you can do with Facebook Fan Page.

In Facebook Fan Page you can add:

  • Hide Exclusive Content only for Fans
    You can show your exclusive content or download link only for your fans, or your visitor that like your page. You can do it with “visible-to-connection” tag from FBML. See the example below:

    // This is only visible to fans only
    <h2>Welcome back!</h2>
    <p>Download a <a href="link to download">gift present</a> from me.</p>.
    This is visible to people who are not fans yet
    <img src="">

    See it in action here.

  • Add your RSS Feed
    Simply add this application “RSS Feed for Pages ” to your page. And then give your RSS feed, and it will show you the latest feed from your blog or website.
  • Add a YouTube Video
    To add YouTube video is easy, you just need “fb:swf” tag in your Static FBML page. Example:

    <fb:swf swfsrc=""
    width="480" height="360" />

    Note: replace YOUTUBE_ID to your youtube id.

  • Add a Slideshare Presentation
    From the point 3, beside YouTube video you can also add another swf object to your Fan Page like Slideshare presentation. Example:

    <fb:swf swfsrc='' width='515' height='425' imgsrc="thumbnail.jpg" />

    Note: replace SLIDESHARE_ID to your slideshare id.

  • Add a Chat Room with Meebo
    Meebo provide a flash chat room, so we can add it to our Facebook Fan Page as well, so you fans could chat with the others. Sample:

    <fb:swf swfsrc='' width='515' height='425' imgsrc="chat-thumbnail.jpg" />

    Note: replace MEEBO_ID to your meebo id.

  • Add Your Podcasts or Your MP3 music
    By add podcast or give your music sample in your Fan page could increase the number of your visitors. Be sure to add this cool feature as well.

    <fb:mp3 src=""  title="Music Title" artist="Your name" />>

Well there are still thousands of tricks, but i think that’s more than enough to start with. Make your Facebook Fan Page more professional and designed well, this will bring you more credibility.

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