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It’s no doubt that Facebook have most users on the net. They claim that they have more than 200 millions of users using Facebook now. So imagine that you have more than 100 millions possibilities to get more loyal visitors to your site. Even a big company like Starbucks, Coke and Apple have their own Facebook account and fan page. Facebook fan page have cool features to market your websites or products.

Before you begin, it would be nice if you read this post from which will give ideas and inspirations of what can Facebook Fan Page can do. It’s worth to read.

Follow the steps below to create a Facebook Fan Page:

  1. First you need to have a Facebook account, well i won’t write how to make a Facebook account. Google it!
  2. Create a Facebook Page with this link.
  3. If you want to make a fan page for your website then select Create a Page for a: > Brand, product, or organization: > Website
  4. Give your Fan page name, and check the checkbox.
  5. Create Official Page.

So now you have your own Facebook Fan Page, next thing to do is complete your information detail then give your fan page a photo (or your website icon). Then you need to make a welcome page. A welcome page is custom page that you can make to put your message or giveaway a gift for your fans. With a welcome page you can have a cool feature like, put your rss feed, twitter update, exclusive content for fans only.

Follow the steps below to make a custom welcome page in Facebook:

  1. First you need to add Static FBML apps to your fan page. Go to this Static FBML app page and click “add to my page” link.
  2. Go back to your Facebook Page, go to “Edit Page” > “Apps” > “FBML – FBML” > “Go to App”.
  3. In this page you need to fill “Box Title:”, mine using “Welcome!”, it will show in tab.
  4. In “FBML:” box you can add HTML content and FBML content.
  5. See how it in action here.

Customize your page to look more profesional, it wil increase your credibility and increase your fans or loyal visitors. Have fun!


  1. Iamqueensblvd24 says:

    Terrific Post! I am really into social media right now (like everyone else out there!), especially Facebook Marketing and FBML. It can be hard to keep up to date with such a fast changing innovative topic but I manage to do it through the fan page factory ( ?) and blog posts exactly like yours. Tips and tricks rock. I am trying to learn as much as possible to put myself ahead of the curve. So thank you again!



    Also, theres this brand new site called where you don't need any coding anymore!…it automatically does it for you. Good for people like me that don't know how to code too well :

  2. That is a great information… Having a intro page for the fan pages is really great stuff…

  3. welcome page must be created in order to attract visitors .good article .

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