Cheat Your Professor With Trash File

I know cheating is not right thing to do, but sometimes you have to. Imagine when you have to submit your task by tomorrow and you don’t even start it now, for any reasons you can give. And i’m sure your professor doesn’t want to hear any reasons from you for not submitting your task.

So to cheat your professor you can submit a broken file or a trash file. And later you can blame the professor computer’s or server computer or even the internet or network which make your file broken. You can generate your broken file from File Destructor. File Destructor is an online service to generate a broken or unreadable file which you can submit to your professor and later your professor confirm it to you or ask you to submit it again. And in that time period you still got plenty of time to work or finish your task.

Even this technique is not right to do, but at least it can save your life. But don’t ever cheat your professor if he or she is an system admin. Because system admin know when the file last modified from the file meta. But still you can edit the file meta which any tools from the internet. So be innovative then.

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