WordPress Development FAQ

With more than 5 years of WordPress development experiences. I decided to create this summary of most frequently asking question (FAQ) while developing a WordPress themes or WordPress plugins. And this post will continuously updated, so you may need to bookmarked it ūüôā

White blank page (White screen of death)

This is one of the annoying issue in WordPress. It is just a white blank page. No errors, No warning. I found this issue couple times during my WordPress development. And i wrote it in this article:

Slow and Performance Issue

When you are facing this issue, first please take a look at your plugins. Uninstall the unnecessary and unused plugins. Then please check with your hosting, because most of the times it is the hosting issue. Third optimize your WordPress:

Get hacked and data lost

This is another annoying part. You should prepared t have disaster recovery plan. Please read this article:

Hardening WordPress security

Most of the attacker targeting outdated¬†WordPress sites, and you don’t want to become one of them. You should always update your plugins and maintain your WordPress site. To hardened your security¬†please read this article:

Automatic files and database backup

Disaster recovery plan is one thing you must have for your WordPress site. These are your options:

404 Error activating a WordPress Plugin

Coming soon…

Export your visitor emails

Coming soon…

Custom logo in login page and admin area

Coming soon…

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