Blackberry Desktop 6 Software: Keep Your Blackberry Sync To Your PC

Since the Blackberry 6 comes out with their new BlackBerry Torch 9800 and Curve 3G, RIM also release Blackberry Desktop Software version 6.0. To accommodate Blackberry 6 synchronization and management with your Windows PC or Mac. Beside it’s clean and user-friendly User Interface (UI) this new released software also officialy support Microsoft Outlook 2010 to exchange your contacts, emails and other data.

Beside it is clean and nice UI of Blackberry 6, now it is support Wi-Fi music sync. What is mean? It is mean that you can browse all your iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries that are on your computer from the BlackBerry itself over Wi-Fi and play it on your blackberry. This however works only with devices that are running the new OS 6.0.

If your Blackberry OS version is not 6.0, you can also use Blackberry Desktop 6 Software which mean it have backward compatibility. And when i tried it, it is faster in synchronization the data.

Blackberry Desktop 6

Watch Blackberry 6 In Action:


Blackberry Desktop 6 Software


  1. Makanjukut says:


  2. says:

    Your site is amazing.I am very impressed to see this

  3. technoxsoft says:

    wow! it so nice now i will buy it.thanks

  4. David Szydlo says:

    Hello Ivan,
    I have the blackberry 8900. Since desktop 6 my calendar does not sync the data. Everything seems to show that the operations are taking place, but when I open Outlook express no info has been change: any ideas?

  5. Abe Barnard says:

    I have installed BB desktop manager v6 on my desktop and laptop. Both running Win 7. As soon as I connect my BB Torch 9800 the BB manager crash.

  6. Sida says:

    I have Blackberry Torch 9800. I have tried to install Blackberry Desktop Manager 6.0 on my laptop operating on Windows 7. During the installation process, I was asked to install Microsoft C++ Visual Basic 2008 Redistributable, which I have already had in my laptop system. The installation failed after I have confirmed the installation of Microsoft C++ Visual Basic 2008 Redistributable. I have tried out different things, and still I can't install Blackberry Desktop Manager 6.0 on my laptop. By any chance, anybody could help?

  7. Anni Potts says:

    On the basis that I can’t download the Blackberry Desktop Software V6 (to get my Blackberry syncing with Win7) and I have tried for over a week now…
    – from a number of different PCs
    – at different locations using
    – different modems and
    – different service providers and
    – at different times of the day and night and
    – different operating systems and
    – -32-bit and 64-bit Explorer versions
    I have now reached the stage where I’d like to ask why this isn't availble on disk for people to upgrade. So if anybody has a copy, any chance you'd like to share please? 🙂

  8. Knell says:

    Question regarding BB Torch 9800 and DTM 6. When accessing the applications location on DTM it does not display all the system/native applicatinos that are loaded on the torch or available to load, the only option is for Wireless Synch or to import additional apps. Any ideas as I've tried a number of things but no luck.
    I have set up a Bold 9780 and this managed to display all installed apps on the BB.

  9. Boonzer4 says:

    DTM6 is killing me….. it wouldn't sync any organizer data…."unexpected error encountered " and shuts down…. it will do media (tunes, photos and video) but not the important stuff…. I'm using windows 7 and this same error happened with a 9780 and my new 9800….I called live support and they dumped DTM 6 and reinstalled 5…. when I got the 9800 I dumped DTM5 and reinstalled DTM6, but the problem continues…. looks like I'll have to go back to DTM 5….then promptly sell my RIM shares, as BB is on the slow decline to obscurity

  10. Mims says:

    is the only solution to have BB 6.0 to actually work is to go back to v5.0?? why can't i get any solution for syncing of files or media after i upgraded, why are the posts for the past 8 months asking the same question with no resolution?

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